Reliability theory

System Reliability Theory: Models, Statistical Methods and Applications, by Marvin Rausand and Arnljot Hǿyland
A comprehensive tome covering failure models, qualitative system analysis, systems of independent components and their importance, dependent failures, counting and Markov processes, the reliability of maintained systems and of safety systems, Life data analysis, accelerated life testing, Bayesian reliability analysis and reliability data sources.
System Reliability Theory Models and Sta
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Fiabilité des Systèmes et des Logiciels, by Olivier Gaudoin
Course notes comprising reliability measures, laws of probability, reliability calculations, etc.
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Practical Applications of Reliability Theory, by George Dodson, Spallation Neutron Source
A presentation on reliability terms and definitions, reliability modelling as a tool for evaluating system performance, analysis of failure rates of systems and components, and analytical calculations for the number of spares.
Practical Applications of Reliability Th
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Introduction to Repairable System Modeling, by C R Cassidy and E A Pohl
A tutorial on the basic concepts of modeling repairable systems and optimizing maintenance planning.
Introduction to repairable system modeli
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