Reliability in Electronics, by XP
Technical article from on electronic reliability, including design, prototype testing and manufacturing methods.
Reliability in electronics.pdf
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Reliability Aspects on Power Supplies, by Ericsson
A Design Note from explaining MTBF with practical applications.
power supply reliability.pdf
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Design of a dependable Interlock System for linear colliders, by Patrice Nouvel
Thesis presented in 2013 on the specifications, design proposal, feasibility and hardware verification of a dependable interlock system for the CLIC (Compact Linear Collider) project.
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Understanding Accelerator Reliability, by Christopher Piaszczyk
Paper on the analysis of data collected at the LANSCE (Los Alamos Neutron Science Centre) accelerator facility in order to understand accelerator reliability.
Understanding Accelerator Reliability -
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ATF2 Power Supply Availability Comparison, by P Bellomo and B Lam
A comparison of the availability of non-redundant power systems with modular, redundant power systems at SLAC.
ATF2 Power Supply Availability.pdf
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