Accelerator facilities

The different categories of particle accelerator are listed below. Click on a link to take you through to all facilities of each category.

Colliding beam facility, Stanford Linear Accelerator
Stanford Linear Accelerator

Colliding beams

All types of accelerators that are used to create the interaction of two particle beams for physics.

Electron beam facilities, Jefferson Lab, USA
Jefferson Lab

Electron beams

Accelerators like stretcher rings or continuous electron beam facilities, where the electrons are used for science.

Proton and ion beam facilities, ISIS in Oxfordshire
ISIS, RAL, Oxfordshire

Proton and ion beams

This includes sources of secondary beams such as neutron sources, muon beams or rare isotope production.

Synchrotron facilities, ESRF, Grenoble
ESRF, Grenoble

Synchrotron radiation

All types of synchrotron radiation sources such as third generation storage ring light sources, Linac-driven free electron lasers or other fourth generation light sources.

Other particle accelerator facilities, ASTRID, Denmark
ASTRID, Denmark

Other facilities
Microtrons for electron storage, electrospray ion injectors for ion storage.