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Accelerator Reliability Workshop 2009 participant group photo
The Accelerator Reliability Workshop at TRIUMF, Canada, in 2009.

Following fruitful discussions during the Accelerator Reliability Workshop (ARW) in Vancouver in January 2009, it was decided to launch a collaborative site to better enable information exchange and failure trouble-shooting within our accelerator community. Since the last ARW, in April in 2013, we have received several suggestions for improvements. Thanks and keep them coming!


Along with the PAR Forum, this site is geared as an outlet for sharing experience on failures and preventive maintenance strategies. We heavily rely on your input to keep this site alive and useful. We have so far only created a backbone on which to build. Its evolution will depend on your needs and requests.


Ideally, we would like to recruit correspondents from each facility who will be authorized to modify some parts of this site. Perhaps you already have a name to suggest, or would like to volunteer yourself?


All suggestions on the content and evolution of the site are welcome. Looking forward to keeping in touch.


Laurent Hardy & Anya Joly

Operation Manager & Assistant

ESRF, France


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hardy (@) esrf.fr, ajoly (@) esrf.fr